Presentation: "Extreme Productivity in Application Development"

Time: Monday 18:00 - 19:15

Location: Volmer Room


Spring Roo is SpringSource's new open source technology which features an unashamedly pragmatic focus, aimed squarely at making the life of mainstream enterprise developers more productive and pleasant without sacrificing engineering integrity or flexibility. Whether you're a new Java developer or a seasoned architect, Roo offers a serious productivity boost that delivers fully-fledged working applications in a matter of minutes.

Whilst Roo fully supports existing server-centric web frameworks, it is particularly optimised for Generation IV web technologies such as GWT and Flex. So not only are your applications delivered with sustainably increased productivity, but your applications can easily incorporate the enhanced usability and performance of single page applications. All without a single line of JavaScript or HTML in sight.

Spring Roo is radically different from other convention over configuration frameworks in other ways, too. You won't have to learn a new language or unlearn what you already know. You won't have to ponder what latest scripting language or text editor you are expected to use instead of Java and an IDE. You won't be expected to blatantly banish engineering principles like OO, DDD, language features and performance. You won't need to delete your existing project and start over,just for the privilege of a limited productivity spike. In this presentation, Ben Alex will introduce Spring ROO. Ben will cover topics such as:

  • What is Roo
  • Getting started with Roo
  • Usability-centric design patterns in Roo annotations and shell
  • Building a new enterprise application in under 30 minutes
  • Exposing a web front-end quickly, easily and flexibly
  • Roo metadata and internals
  • Reviewing the Roo roadmap and release schedule
  • How to provide feedback and become involved

Attendees who invest their time in this session will leave with a comprehensive understanding of what Roo is, its basic operation, and what will be available over the next few months. We look forward to introducing this exciting new member of the Spring portfolio to you.

Ben Alex, Creator of Spring Security (Acegi) & SpringSource Principal Software Engineer

 Ben  Alex

Ben Alex is a respected technologist, entrepreneur and speaker.

Ben has been working professionally in software since 1995. The software project Ben is most widely known for is Spring Security, which he founded in 2003 and continues to lead at SpringSource. Spring Security is a popular, open-source security framework that is used in numerous government, banking and military installations. Whilst written in Java, the success of Spring Security has seen its architecture ported to other platforms such as Microsoft .NET and Python.

Ben's career history also includes other accomplishments in software development and business. Most recently, Ben led the establishment and exponential growth of SpringSource's operations in Asia-Pacific. Before that he founded and grew a successful Australian software company, Acegi Technology Pty Limited. In his spare time, Ben has also been a director and advisor to businesses in industries as diverse as business services, intellectual property licensing and ecommerce.

In recent years Ben has presented at technology conferences including The Spring Experience (2005, 2006, and 2007), SpringOne (2005 and 2006) , JavaOne (2008) and The Server Side Java Symposium (2007 and 2008). Ben is also a regular guest presenter at user groups across the world, with recent appearances in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Perth, Singapore, Wellington, Auckland and Stockholm. He also authored the security chapter of the Wiley book, "Professional J2EE Development with Spring Framework.